Friday, June 22, 2007

Yes, I suck at updating. I'm a little busy with things now, such as living. Anyway, good series for the Sox in Atlanta (except the whole Curt Schilling thing, I could have done without that). I happened to catch the first game of the Giants series at Fenway last week. I'm still upset that Barry Bonds' juiced-up ass managed to hit a home run here. That just annoys me.

What makes me feel happy though? Yankees getting swept by the Rockies. Clemens not even lasting 5 innings and losing his second straight. This video. Manny Ramirez finally heating up. Julian Tavarez pitching like a number 2 or 3 starter instead of a number 5. And of course, $3 draft night at Kitty O'Shea's.

So, 10 1/2 coming into this series. Should be a great matchup on Sunday, with our ace (yes, Josh Beckett is this team's ace) going against Jake Peavy, their ace.

Happy summer, and Go Sox.