Wednesday, May 09, 2007


OK, so my latest thoughts on the State of Red Sox Nation:

1. Roger Clemens is an asshole, and I'm glad he chose the Yankees. We don't need a fat, 45-year-old has-been. That's why we got rid of David Wells.

2. I have a bet with my dad (Yankees fan)...dinner at a fine steakhouse is on the line. If the Yankees win the AL East, I'm paying. Their closer has certainly been lights-out so far this season. I hope the sarcasm came through in that last sentence.

3. Julio Lugo - how about some offense?

4. Josh Beckett - has some great stuff. Add that to 8+ runs almost every start, and we have the making of a 20 game winner this season.

5. I couldn't really think of a fifth point I wanted to make, but 5 is a good number. So...the Yankees still suck.