Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cue theme music

From Jaws. I couldn't think of another, more ominous theme song.

We got Eric Hinske. Who always strikes fear into the hearts of Red Sox pitchers, for some reason. He has a great batting average against the Sox. I think Fenway will be good for a hitter like him. He's got some pop, plus we really need a left-handed bat, with Trot and switch-hitting 'Tek out.

So the Yankees are getting spanked (bigtime) by the Orioles, the team we just swept over the weekend. Gotta make you feel a little bit better. But only a little. Sox ended the series with Detroit on a good note, but still ended up losing two out of three. What I saw from Detroit made me think that they will probably end up winning the World Series. Their offense is decent, but the pitching is spectacular. Leyland didn't exactly have to dip into the bullpen early, as his starters gave him strong outings. It made me jealous.

Tomorrow marks what could be a turning point for the slumping Sox. We start the day 1 1/2 back, but in 5 games we could either be totally out of it or right back in first place, where we belong. A lot can happen. Maybe Lester will show some sparks of greatness, like he did a while back. Maybe Beckett won't get shelled and last 1 1/3 innings. Maybe our offense will wake up and have a field day with Sidney Ponson (how can you not?), The Big Ugly, or whoever else they throw at us.

PS - Props to Coco Crisp for having some good games in the past several days. Especially that wallball double with the bases loaded (I still contend that Cora got his foot on the plate before the tag). Also, major major kudos to David Wells for sparing the bullpen last night. 6 2/3 innings of some solid pitching (with a few blips here and there, but hey, the guy is 43). Now we just need Wake and 'Tek back.

I will be at the night game tomorrow, thanks to my friend Clayton. Otherwise, I would have gone an entire season without seeing a Sox/Yankees matchup. And that just would not do at all.

Lastly - more props to the Red Sox F.O. for signing Carlos Pena. Not because we really needed him, but because he's a graduate of Northeastern University. Go Huskies!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

You know, it's funny. After Beckett lost it in the 4th (or was it 5th?), I thought, here we go again, blowing another 4-run lead. Then, the Sox clung to that one-run lead, and I thought, hey, maybe the bullpen can actually get it done this time. Timlin got himself out a jam, so that was good to see. The rest, as they say, is history.

I actually didn't see the meltdown in the ninth. My boyfriend drove over after work (he gets off at 11), and I went outside to see him for a little bit since I hadn't seen him all week. So I went back inside feeling much better, because he always makes me feel better. And then I hear TC say, "and in a stunning turn of events, the Red Sox lose this one to the Kansas City Royals." At this point, I was like, "you've got to be kidding...we just dropped two in a row (four including the D-Rays) to the worst team in baseball. FUCK!"

So basically, Red Sox Nation is officially in Panic Mode right now (as is, apparently, the rest of the nation).

I will NOT be watching tonight's game. Not because I don't want to. But because...I don't want to.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How low can you go?

Apparently, not much lower. The Sox just lost to the worst team in baseball. Way to implode, bullpen. Now the question is, do I pull for the Skankees to win so that we can still be even in the Wild Card standings (even though thinking anything positive about the Yankees is against my religion)? Or do I say screw the Yankees, we're still 2 games back?

You know, instead of debating whether I should choose falling 3 games back in the division or 1 game back in the Wild Card, how 'bout the Sox start winning for a change? Ugh. I'm so disgusted right now.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I can't watch...

Down 7-5 going into the 8th after being up 3-1, then giving up two runs before Beckett gave up the grand slam to Shin Soo Choo or whatever the hell his name is. And he was doing pretty well up until that point. Why is it that our pitching falls apart starting around the 5th inning?

Anyway, normally I'd change the channel and watch something else for a little while, but the finale of the World Series of Pop Culture isn't on for another half hour. And I have to pick up my parents at the airport at midnight (hope nothing collapses on my car!). Bleh. I'm praying to the baseball gods for another walk-off win (although I'm hoping it doesn't have to come to that) so that we don't fall a full game behind the GD Yankees.

Thursday - the day after Hump Day

It is August 3rd. After holding sole possession of 1st place in the AL East since June, the Sox have slumped, and are now in a virtual tie with the Yanks (actually, they're one down in the loss column, so the Evil Empire is percentage points ahead of us). On an up note, great 9th inning last night. On a down note, Nixon and 'Tek injured, the Yanks picked up (read: bought) Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle, and the Sox remained pat at the trade deadline.

Word is that Andruw Jones was placed on waivers yesterday. The question is, who wants to pick up that salary? I'd rather see the Sox get some fresh young arms than trade away top prospects (Hansen? Lester? Forget it!) for a slugger who may or may not even be around a year from now. Which is why I'm glad those trade rumors turned out to be false (hence, "rumors").

The team is scuffling right now. Boomer had a crappy outing, Lester's last three starts were nothing spectacular, and we don't have a fifth starter (unless you count Jason Johnson...which, frankly, I don't. I was at Tuesday's game. What a joke).

If anyone needs a good laugh, there are two really funny stories on The Onion's website. One is about the the trade deadline, the other is about steroid use in pro sports.