Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Eagles on Ice

One other thing...

The Boston Globe also reported that the Boston College men's hockey team is planning on playing a game at Fenway Park. You know, that place where they play that other game...BASEBALL.

The aim is to draw more attention to the hockey program at BC.

My question is...don't the other sports at BC get enough coverage? I think this is overkill. Seriously, BC and BU aren't the only schools in Boston (and, although the students would never admit this, Boston College isn't even in Boston, it's in Newton), don't the other colleges and universities in the area deserve some recognition?

Peace out Yankees? reported today that the Lowell Spinners are on a quest to eliminate the word "Yankees" from Little League in New England. They estimate that 50% of youth baseball leagues in the area have a team called the Yankees. Funny enough, they're trying to get the teams to change their names to...I'll give you three guesses...uh, yeah, the Spinners. The justification is that the Spinners are the Single-A Affiliate of the Red Sox. Makes sense.

Three teams have already agreed to change their names. What do I think? Suits me. The fewer Yankees there are, the better.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Crisp is coming to town

Ok, so to update, the Sox have (finally) acquired Coco Crisp. Personally, I think this is a pretty good move - the Sox are getting a lead-off hitter and center fielder that they desperately needed, plus the guy is only 26 years old and is sure to mature into a great player. I'm sure Crisp will thrive in Fenway's environment, and will give the Sox more of a competitive edge. Also, according to The Florida Sun-Sentinel, shortstop Alex Gonzalez is also close to joining the Sox, pending a physical. At $3 million, that's a pretty good deal for the Sox, who are in need of an everyday shortstop (Alex Cora is a great utility player, but I don't think he's ready to be a staple at shortstop).

Only 2 more months til MLB opening day! Stay tuned.