Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jeer or cheer?

Last night was 10 in a row. Amazing. We all know what happened last time the Sox had a winning streak like this. Time to leave the Yankees in the dust, we need to win the division, which means we need to get as far ahead as we can now.

Also, Pedro comes back to pitch against his old team today. I'm kinda torn as to whether or not I should boo or cheer for him (from the comfort of my couch, of course). I loved him while he was here. I still like him. I just thought he could have had a classier departure than throwing barbs at the front office after he left. And he is a drama queen. The ego just couldn't fit on this team, not with Schilling being the #1 starter. Hmmm...he is having a pretty good year. Cheer it is, I guess.


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