Sunday, April 16, 2006

Go PawSox

Matt and I were able to scalp tickets to the game yesterday (again). I actually had no intention of going, but we woke up and it was a gorgeous day, and when Matt asked me if I felt like trying to get into the game, my response was, "Absolutely!"

So we got tickets for $40 and sat along the third base line, about 30 rows up (really decent seats!). By the time we got in, it was already the third inning, and the Sox were on their way to being shut out, 3-0. As soon as we walked in, Josh Bard had a passed ball.

Watching the game was frustrating. Terry Francona put out possibly the worst lineup I have ever seen in a Major League game. It might as well have been the Pawtucket Red Sox, considering the only regulars were Ortiz, Ramirez and Youkilis. That game had "L" written all over it.

In other news, my first purchase of the season: A Jonathan Papelbon navy blue shirt. I'm happy.


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