Wednesday, April 05, 2006

For shame!

So before I rip into the Sox, I need to rant about this weather. First off, nothing has ever been more stupid than New England weather. I frequently ask myself, between the months of November and March, why I didn't go off to college somewhere like the Florida Keys, or Aruba maybe. IT'S APRIL...IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SNOWING. I SHOULD BE WEARING A TANK TOP AND FLIP FLOPS RIGHT NOW, NOT MY HEAVY-DUTY NORTHFACE WINTER JACKET. End of rant.

And now on to my rant on the Sox. I have no words for the suckitude that was the Red Sox yesterday. Tim Wakefield fell apart early, giving up four runs in the first inning alone. He only lasted 3 2/3 innings, giving up seven earned runs. It's crazy how one guy can fluctuate so much from being unhittable to throwing cupcakes. That's what happened last night. Let's be honest: when Wakefield's on his game, his stuff is nasty. But yesterday he threw fluff, and the Rangers took advantage of it early on. His knuckler stayed out over the heart of the plate, and he was done. Sox bats didn't help out much either - with the exception of Coco Crisp (another great performance last night), who went 3-5, nobody really did much. The Sox did grab a couple runs with two outs in the ninth, but they never got within less than 6 runs of the Rangers.

It didn't help that there's no Doug Mirabelli behind the plate anymore, either. Poor Josh Bard. His first game in a Boston uniform resulted in three passed balls. I feel bad for the guy, it must have been frustrating, because it sure was frustrating to watch. We'll see if the Sox can rebound tonight in the final game of the Texas series.


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