Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sox vs. Twins

The Sox are kicking off the pre-season tonight with their first spring training game against the Minnesota Twins. Jonathan Papelbon (who I think is a strong, young pitcher), who is being compared to Roger Clemens, is trying to prove he deserves a spot in the starting rotation and is the starting pitcher for tonight. I'll hopefully have an update on his performance later tonight.

Also, the Northeastern Huskies will be taking on the Red Sox at City of Palms Park tomorrow (March 3). In their last matchup the Huskies managed only one hit off Curt Schilling and ended up on the short end of a lopsided score.

This year, the Sox are sending Matt Clement to the mound. After his dismal performance in the last half of the 2005 season, it makes me think the Huskies have a pretty decent shot at getting on base. Clement was a disappointment in the playoffs. I hope he can pick it up this season - if he throws like he did in the beginning of last season, he'd give the Sox a major advantage.


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