Monday, March 13, 2006

Return from Nevada

Unfortunately, I did not have internet access in Las Vegas as I thought I would, so I have been pretty much cut off from baseball and the Red Sox. I did get to watch some of the World Baseball Classic games...USA drubbed South Africa 17-0. Now there's a huge controversy over the WBC, people are saying it's rigged because of a controversial call yesterday in the USA-Japan game. Japan was down 4-3 and hit a sac fly, which would have given them the tying run. The US team appealed the call, citing that the runner left third base too early. The umps reversed the call, and USA won. Wow, the World Baseball Classic is rigged? Say it ain't so...

In Red Sox-related news, the Dominican Republic is kicking some butt in the WBC, led by our very own David Ortiz. Also, Jason Varitek hit a grand slam for the US team earlier in the week.

Spring training is well under way, and the countdown to the regular season is on...only 18 more days! The Sox have played some good ball, lost some close games, and also came back from a 5-0 deficit to beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 7-6. Beckett's fastball looked good, he was throwing some heat, but he got roughed up in his first start.

More to come as soon as I read up on's sooo nice to be back home and have Sox access!


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