Sunday, March 05, 2006

Boomer OK with Boston

David Wells has apparently taken back his trade demand and said he is OK with staying in Boston, according to a story on I'm surprised this wasn't a bigger issue in the offseason. Wells says he is 99.9% sure he's going to retire after this upcoming season, and in the winter the Sox management (whatever was left of it) said it would honor Boomer's request to be traded somewhere to the left coast. Apparently that's not happening. I have to say, I'm glad Wells will be back with us, even if it wasn't his first choice. When he's healthy, this guy is a great competitor.

Also, the Sox are getting off to a slow start in spring training. They fell to the Pirates, 7-6 yesterday and dropped another game to the Twins today, 5-1. One thing I am excited for is Josh Beckett's debut in a Red Sox uniform. You can watch him pitch against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays tomorrow at 1:05.

I'm heading to Las Vegas tomorrow until Friday, but I will have internet access, so I'll try to keep updated on the Red Sox action as it goes down.


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